Heritage Day 2014

Heritage Day

Heritage Day 2014


South Africa is a heterogeneous country with so many different people, languages, backgrounds and cultures. Nkosi Nkosana Inc is a multi cultural family consisting of people from different parts of South Africa, and even beyond. Each year on Heritage day we celebrate our different cultures and diversities, by collectively preparing African dishes that really show off our pride and love for Africa as a whole. In the spirit of unity in diversiting, we share the food in a truly African way.


Tsonga women adorn their familiar xibelani attire, a waist-high skirt made of metres of cloth; married Zulu women wear skirts made of cow hide called izidwaba; Venda women parade in their colourful skirts called minweda; and Xhosa women distinguish themselves with their beautifully painted faces and head gear. This day helps us to understand each other and to be able to respect and know other’s culture. 


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