Mandela Day

Mandela Day 2015

We are driven by the ambition of providing legal services to all persons regardless of their wealth, age, gender and race, because everyone has a Constitutional right to adequate legal representation.


On this year’s Mandela Day we thought that we should give back to our senior citizens who like uTata Madiba, fought for the vision of a Democratic South Africa. Although Mandela Day is only commemorated once a year, it is the compassionate nature of uTata Madiba that has informed the values practiced and emphasized in our firm.


We had the privilege of visiting Kwa-Thema Society for the care of the Aged, which was both a humbling and heart-warming experience. One of the highlights of the day was when Mr Baloyi, the chairperson of the organisation, emphasized the importance of education to the youth who were also present.


Our contributions were highly appreciated however we felt that more attention should be directed to our senior citizens as the wisdom they have acquired throughout their lives is immeasurable.  


We humbly plead with all who can to make a contribution to this Organisation to contact:


Monica Kgoloane: 081 753 8381


Kongelani Baloyi: 082 937 2422



Any form of contribution is welcomed.


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